Trade name and head office location
Daiko Advertising Inc.
2-2-7, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8263
February 28, 1944
(Started operations on March 1, 1944)
Details of the business

01. Advertising in domestic and overseas newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, outdoor, public transportation, movies, direct mail, public relations, and other advertising

02. Design, management, and construction work for advertising purposes

03. Marketing planning and services related to advertising

04. Planning and production of advertising materials

05. Development of products (including services), and planning and implementation of sales promotions

06. Planning, production, operation, and implementation of cultural and sporting events

07. Agent for entertainers

08. Publishing

09. Processing, supply, and research & development of information

10. Sales of information and articles in connection with advertising

11. Planning and implementation of community development businesses

12. Purchase, sales, leasing, and brokering of real estate

13. Communications business using broadcast cables and optical fiber cables (for telephones)

14. Planning and implementation of study sessions and seminars on advertising and market research

15. Surveying, planning, designing, management, execution, and consulting in relation to civil engineering, construction, carpentry, roofing, tile and brick work, concrete block work and interior finish work

16. Travel agency in accordance with Travel Agency Act

17. Sales of food, non-alcoholic beverages, health foods and beverages, and pharmaceuticals

18. Direct sales business

19. Security service business

20. Planning, sales and management of intangible property rights such as copyrights and industrial property rights (design rights, trademarks and patents, etc.)

21. Any and all businesses related to the above

Stock Issuance
Authorized shares / 21.6 million
Outstanding shares / 9.8 million
Business Year
April 1 to March 31
Main Banks
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Resona Bank, Limited.
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
Directors and Corporate Officers
  • Hiroshi Ochiai
    Director of the Board
    President & CEO
    Hiroshi Ochiai
  • Teruhiko Ando
    Director of the Board
    Vice President
    Chief Creative Officer
    Teruhiko Ando
  • Director of the Board
    Senior Corporate Officer
    Katsuhiko Kumagai
  • Hirotsugu Yamashita
    Director of the Board
    Senior Corporate Officer
    Hirotsugu Yamashita
  • Director of the Board
    Corporate Officer
    Junichiro Fukui
  • Director of the Board
    Corporate Officer
    Nobukazu Oochi
  • Yasuo Izumi
    Director of the Board
    Corporate Officer
    Yasuo Izumi
  • Bruce James Director of the Board
    Director of the Board
    Bruce James
  • Corporate Officer
    Masao Kusuyama
  • Corporate Officer
    Masahiko Nakamura
  • Corporate Officer
    Yoshikazu Taniguchi
  • Corporate Officer
    Yoshiki Okibayashi
  • Kyoichiro Masumoto Corporate Officer
    Corporate Officer
    Kyoichiro Masumoto
  • Hiroyuki Hama
    Corporate Officer
    Hiroyuki Hama
  • Standing Statutory Auditor
    Kazuhiko Nozawa
  • Statutory Auditor
    Tsunejiro Endo
  • Statutory Auditor
    Kazuhiko Tomoda
Number of employees
658 (as of April 1, 2022)
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