Director of the Board President & CEO

Yasuo Izumi

Thank you for visiting our website.
My name is Yasuo Izumi, and I am the new President of Daiko Advertising.

As a partner, Daiko wants to shape the future of client companies.
That’s why “customer value” continues to be an important keyword for us.

Customers are the source of everything from corporate profit and growth, to brand value.
Daiko not only supports the aspirations of our client companies as a partner, but creates irreplaceable customer value by observing their customers, walking alongside them, and getting to know them on a deeper level.
As an organization shaping the future of companies, this is the value we provide.

We envision a future in which companies can only achieve their aspirations by gaining customer approval, which in turn brings positive change to society.
Daiko is committed to creating this future with you.

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