We strive for compliance on a company-wide basis, towards fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities. In particular, we deeply understand the importance of information control, and have established our “Code of Conduct and Compliance Rules” and “Personal Information Protection Rules,” which stipulate rules on appropriate control of customer information and handling of personal information in an appropriate and legal manner.

Recognizing that each individual’s personal information is his/her property of significance, we believe that we must provide high-level protection for personal information, while always being based on the spirit of respecting the human rights and complying with laws and regulations, not only when we directly handle personal information but also when we support personal information handling operations of advertiser companies.

For this purpose, we have established the Basic Policies on Protection of Personal Information in November 2003, thereby promoting various policies including educational and enlightenment programs for raising awareness of each and every executive and employee, improvement of business operations in compliance with related laws and regulations, and establishment of systems.

We are fully determined to continue to maintain and improve these systems and protect personal information, in accordance with the Basic Policies set out below.

President & CEO
OCHIAI Hiroshi

Basic Policies on Protection of Personal Information

  1. With respect to the personal information handled in all of our business divisions as well as the personal information of employees, etc., we will comply with laws and regulations, guidelines established by the national government, and any other rules. We will also establish the personal information protection management systems, in accordance with the Japanese Industrial Standards “Personal information protection management systems – Requirements” (JIS Q 15001: 2006) to protect personal information.
  2. When we acquire or use personal information, we will clearly indicate the purpose of the acquisition or use, and will not handle personal information beyond the extent necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose. Also, we will take appropriate control measures to prevent any use for purpose other than the intended purpose.
  3. We will not provide to a third party any personal information acquired by us, unless the respective person’s consent is obtained, or unless the provision is permitted under laws and regulations. When we outsource any processing of personal information to our partner companies, the processing will be carried out under strict control by us.
  4. If we receive any complaint or consultation request with respect to the handling of personal information acquired or used by us, we will promptly investigate the factual situation surrounding the complaint or consultation request, and will take action for it within a reasonable period of time, in a faithful manner.
  5. With the purpose of ensuring the appropriate control of personal information acquired by us, we will implement organizational, personnel, physical, and technical safety measures, to prevent and correct any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc., of personal information.
  6. Taking into consideration changes of social situations and social environments, we will review the personal information protection management systems on a continuing basis to protect personal information, and will improve our efforts for the protection of personal information.

Established on: November 5, 2003
Revised on: December 1, 2006

Contact desk for personal information

If you have any inquiry on our Basic Policies on Protection of Personal Information, or any consultation request, complaint, etc., with respect to the procedures for disclosure of personal information, etc., or the handling of personal information, please contact our contact desk detailed below (Assistant for Personal Information Protection Manager).

“Personal Information Complaint & Consultation Desk” of Daiko Advertising Inc.
2-14-5, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8658
E-mail: privacy01@daiko.co.jp

Handling of personal information

In addition to the personal information acquired by ourselves for the purpose of use defined below, our clients, media companies, and partner companies may entrust us with certain personal information. We will use each and every piece of such personal information in an appropriate manner, to the extent necessary for conducting the relevant business and services in a smooth manner.

<Purpose of use for personal information handled by our company>

(1) Purpose of use for personal information acquired by methods other than direct acquisition through documents

  • Planning and execution of advertisements and promotions, campaigns, publicity, etc.
  • Marketing surveys and planning, and services and research and development therefor
  • Planning and execution of training sessions and seminars on advertisements, market researches, etc.
  • Planning, operation, and execution of various events
  • Mail-order business and various consultation services

(2) Purpose of use for personal information subject to disclosure

  • Hiring of our employees
  • Labor management of our executives and employees and those of our related companies
  • Management of members for membership-based community websites operated by us

Handling of personal information

If you would like to make a request with respect to your personal information retained by us, including a request to disclose your personal information, to notify you of the purpose of use, to correct your personal information when the personal information is different from the fact, or to suspend our use of your personal information or provision of your personal information to a third party (hereinafter referred to as the “disclosure, etc.”), we will accept such request. For specific procedures for the disclosure, etc., please contact the “Personal Information Complaint & Consultation Desk” indicated above.

Personal Information Protection Manager
Group Management Supervision

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